When life gives you a white blazer…

Curl your hair, put high heels and feel fabulous.

They say life is too short to cry over spilled milk, to think about tomorrow and forget to live today and stay inside on a sunny day. So put yourself together, dress like you are already famous and go have lunch with your best friend or by yourself. Don’t forget to order a glass of wine first.
So this is what I’ve felt like to do when this gorgeous white blazer arrived via courier at my door. It’s a versatile model and I think you can wear it in so many combinations but today I just want to look elegant because this is how I feel inside. You can find the blazer HERE Take a look ON THIS SITE and see how they styled it.
I chose to wear it with black because I wanted him to be the main piece of the whole outfit, so what it may seem like a little black dress it’s actually two pieces. A simple turtleneck and a high waisted skirt. I couldn’t find anything better than my over the knee boots to match with. Gloves, bow tie neck, hair clip bow and purse are accessories that completes the outfit.

Enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think.








  Boots Zara / White tweed blazer / Skirt h&m



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